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Brian is leading the way as a visionary pioneer of Natural Fitness and Holistic Health. Qualified to Train Pro and Olympic Athletes, his Accredited Certifications and Credentials rank among the finest in the world. As retired Pro MMA Fighter, he has 34 years of martial arts experience in many styles and disciplines. As a Premiere Personal Trainer, he has worked with thousands of athletes of all ages, sports, and disciplines in his unique style. He is an elite athlete, musician, and dancer with a caring approach to teaching and life. He is a leading expert in his field by uniting proven techniques and methods from Eastern & Western worlds. Brian began studying Yoga and Meditation in 2001 and found his passion for Qigong in 2003. Good luck has led him to China (2008 & 2010) for Qigong Study Trips as well as living and teaching abroad in Thailand for eight months (2012) and visiting Japan (2015). He has learned from Masters of many unique systems over the years including a rare Thai-Lanna Health System called Fon Jeung. Healing, music, and dance are his passions in life. As a DJ and Instructor, he can be found teaching and performing at Transformational Festivals, Ecstatic Dances, Clubs and Private Events. As a healer, while living in Thailand, he learned Thai and Tendon Massage as well as a very rare Chinese Organ Massage called Chi Nei Zhang. With many services to offer the world, Brian’s future is bright with the belief that we can create a better quality of life blessed with longevity. 
“Dragon Tao" is the unified brand, system, and style created by Brian Seraiah Wood, and is the foundation of the four pillars in which he shares his gifts with the world. "Tao" is a Chinese character/word and originates from a philosophy/spirituality called Taoism. The Tao is the absolute principle underlying the universe, combining within itself the principles of yin and yang and signifying the way, or code of behavior, that is in harmony with the natural order. It can be expressed as the way, path or virtue in which one may follow to Universal Oneness. Born year of the Dragon, Seraiah is deeply connected to this mysterious and ancient archetype. By moving inward and cultivating self with virtue, one may experience that we are all connected by the integral Source Energy intelligence.  



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