In 2001, Brian found his spiritual path through Yoga and Meditation. In 2003 he found his passion for Qigong, the ancient Art, and Science of Chinese Energy Healing.  Under the guidance of International Qigong Experts Daisy Lee and Francesco Garripoli, he has trained and studied Medical Qigong in China (2008 and 2010) as well as Thailand (2012), where he lived, taught and studied at Jirung Health Village (Buddhist Health Resort - Chiang Mai). He has been blessed to learn and cultivate both Internal healing and cleansing systems as well as external strengthening systems.  

As a Retired Pro Fighter and Professional Martial Artist, he has tested such systems with positive results on physical injuries, internal illnesses, and both emotional and mental stress. He has dedicated his life to healing and helping others on their path to self. When he was living in Chiang Mai, Brian’s main focus was on cultivating his spirituality while learning new modalities. He was privileged to study such systems as Northern Thailand’s magical Lanna Fon Jeung system, Thai Massage and going much deeper into Jirung’s eDetox system with practices such as Pranic Energy Spinning and many other meditations, ancient techniques and methods designed to free the mind, body, and soul from emotionally repressed memories hidden deep in the Ego and Subconscious. 


- Certified Chinese Qigong Instructor & Kung Fu Teacher

- Beijing Chinese Taoist Medical Qigong Member 2008 & 2010

- Fon Jeung Instructor (Thai/Lanna Health System)

- N.E.S.T.A Certified Sports Yoga Instructor  

- "Free Chi" & "Tao of Dance" Founder

Brian’s Main Qigong Teachers:
Daisy Lee (
Shifu Yan Lei ( / Shaolin Qigong - China & London UK)

Francesco Garripoli (CommunityAwake, WujiTech)
Master/Dr. Wan Sujian ( - Beijing RedCross Medical Qigong - China)
Master Zhao Shi Hua ( - Chengdu, China & Australia)
Master Christophe Clarke (, Tai Chi Gold Medalist - Denver, CO. USA)
Sifu Stephen Joffe ( / Boulder, CO. USA)

Workshops Featured at:

Rhythm Sanctuary Ecstatic Dance, Jirung Health Resort (Chiang Mai, Thailand), Burning Man Camps, Colorado Regional Burn Events, Sonic Bloom Festival (2014-2019), Samadhi Yoga, Asana Yoga Studio, Kindness Yoga, Lumonics Light and Sound Gallery, Amana Yoga, Spirit of the Arts Studio, Inspire Life Studio, Tribal Visions Festival (Taos), Denver Athletic Club and many more.


It was in the year 2003 that Brian took his first Qigong/Tai Chi class in Portland, Oregon, and the instructor recommended the Gaiam DVD Series for home study.  Soon after, he moved back to Colorado and went deeper into the movements presented by International Qigong Experts, Daisy Lee and Francesco Garripoli. In 2008, at the end of a family trip to Maui, Brian was blessed to travel to Kauai and learn directly from Daisy Lee ( They became close friends and months later he found himself joining his first Qigong Study trip to Beijing, China. It was here that a profound moment of realization happened: a kindred connection with the culture; a past life remembrance of Temples and teachings; a soul searching quest leading him inward to self. To Brian, Qigong was much more than some simple movements, it was and still is the most precious practice he has found that aligns the mind, body and spirit. In 2010, Brian hosted Shifu Yan Lei (34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Disciple) during his first trip to the United States. This was another pivotal experience that awakened a powerful energetic response to ancient teachings. Brian would never be the person he is without all of the teachings past down through the Masters/Experts he was blessed to learn from over the years. With gratitude and respect, he shares this knowledge with classes, workshops and private clients.  Because of Qigong and the limitless benefits it provides, Brian has found a virtuous path self-cultivation, understanding and awareness that has changed his life for the better in countless ways. Qigong has led him to seek, learn and grow as a spiritual being living the human experience, and in so has found great insight by tapping into the epic Taoist translations of Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching & Hua Hu Ching as well as the mysterious science behind the I Ching. This is how Dragon Tao manifested with the hope to share the gifts he has received with world and beyond.  ​


Fon Jeung for health is a Lanna holistic exercise that researched and developed from Lanna Traditional Fon Jeung by a group of volunteers from the Chiangmai Traditional Healers Fellowship. The organization was founded by the chairman, Kru Anand Layraman in 2002 and was funded by the Governmental Health Promotion office. Of the over 200 movements, Kru Anand picked 16 and created his own choreographed forms that flow to rhythmic and hypnotic music. "Fon" = Dance or Movement and "Jeung" = Tactic, Skill or Practice. It is not just health exercise, it is a presentation of the characteristic of the culture and individual. Geographically, Fon Jeung is presented in various ways. Bangkok, Chiang Mai or southern Thailand have different ways of practice and presentation. Depending on the individual characteristics of the practitioner,  they will show their style, flow, and essence differently. As far as we know, Brian is the only Westerner in the United States Certified and trained under Kru Ananda and Kru Jirawan Janmee (Pictured).


In the year 2000, Brian was living in Vancouver, B.C., where he was completing his internship for University Bachelor Degree.  It was here he was first introduced to Yoga and the amazing benefits it provided the mind, body, and soul. Shortly after in 2001, he moved down the northwest coast and settled down in Portland, Oregon. He began working as Personal Trainer at Mavericks Gym and there began his formal yoga practice under Stephen Brown.  As a former Nationally Ranked Division 1 Wrestler, he quickly realized some very important aspects in which he was lacking: Breath Control, Mental Focus, Balance and a Spiritual Component to training and competition.  From that point on he was guided to connect Eastern and Western training modalities and bridging the gap in regards to consciousness and competition. Since then, he has taught Yoga and Meditation to thousands of young athletes and witnessed amazing improvement in practice, performance, and high-level competition. Namaste'  


Brian has been experimenting with dancing and movement therapy of the body for 30 years. He finds dance to be one of his most cherished forms of opening both the heart and soul to greater freedom and personal awareness of self.  Over the years his style has morphed from a breakdancing foundation with choreographed routines to a limitless style of “No Style.” Self-expression manifested and illuminated through emotional purification of the spirit and the mortal body.  As a DJ and musician, he is constantly inspired with new vibrations and frequencies that inspire evolving movement, flow and freedom. One of his desires was to merge ancient movements from Qigong, Tai Chi, Lanna Fon Jeung and Kung Fu with modern Ecstatic Dance. His dream came true with Tao of Dance Events which have evolved over the years. Dance has been proven to be one of the only forms of therapy to maintain rewiring of nervous system and electrical synapses of the brain. When the music, vibe and energy are constantly in flux and change, dance forces the brain to create new pathways of thought and thus increasing longevity of life by reducing the risk of dementia and disease as we age. No other form of mental stimulation or physical training can break through patterns of conditioning as dance can, and with such freedom we all can become one with the eternal fluidity of movement meditation.


In the year 2001, Brian was introduced to Meditation in a 12 Week course.  Over the years and with much practice he has learned many styles and ways to calm the monkey mind and bring inner peace to the spirit. As a integral components of Qigong,  the breath, body and intention unite to create an Alpha wave current leading to a relaxed state of mind. Often the misconception of meditation is that the key is to empty the mind of all thoughts, yet only experts and masters can perfect such skill. After training with Shifu Yan Lei (34th Generation Warrior Disciple), it was then that his perception of meditation changed. Shifu conveyed that the main focus was to let the "One dominant thought override the 10,000 meaningless thoughts." Truly then, meditation can be the flow or zone state of losing oneself in dance. creating art, running or even martial arts. It can also be as simple as focusing on the rise and fall of the breath. So as we adapt to the ebb and flow of life, we can always rely on our breath to be the focal point of intent and mindfulness. 


While living in Chiang Mai, Brian was blessed to study directly with Kasemsak Tangman, who is one of Thailand's best healers. Brian met Kasemsak (Ken's Healing Hands) while visiting Tao Garden, which is Mantak Chia's unique health resort located in Doi Saket.  After witnessing many members of the Qigong study group receive specialized healing of chronic pain or injuries,  Ken began showing Brian techniques and they worked on members together. After the group left Thailand, Ken invited him to study with him and was impressed by how fast he learned and how in tune Brian was anatomy and physiology. As an Athlete, Trainer and Fighter, dealing with injuries and pain were part of the competitive lifestyle.  It was here that Brian learned to heal himself of countless injuries while testing the combination of   Eastern and Western techniques.  It was after training under Ken, that he realized anything is possible with right intention.


'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.'   - Nikola Tesla

After years of spiritual growth, research and painful learning lessons, Brian has dedicated his life to raising the love vibration of humanity. By starting with self and studying ones own thoughts, patterns and emotions, we can begin to understand that our view of reality has a massive impact on the life we live and create. Law of attraction, positive affirmations and contemplating a better world creates ripples in the Quantum field of possibilities. Settling into the heart and meditating on love, light, compassion and forgiveness for self and others are the stepping stones to clearing karmic energy holding us back in the human experience. By truly loving and honoring ourselves we can then enhance relationships with our our family, friends and communities. Exponentially this love vibration radiates outward evolving our DNA, our Planet flowing into the universe.