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DRAGON TAO BLOGS are articles and exploratory writings delving into ancient Eastern systems and techniques that are unique to mind, body and soul practices such as Chinese Qigong, Thai Fon Jeung, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Yoga and Meditation. With articles being both educational and instructional the reader will gain insight into these systems and themselves through personal practice.

Traditional Martial Arts in the Chinese Culture can be traced back 5,000 years and can be linked to ancient and mysterious systems of movements that were designed to unite the mind, body, and spirit by focusing on the breath and intention behind one's thoughts. This legacy of wisdom was then known as “Dao Yin” and only till the recent 1960’s has the common term been bestowed as “Qigong” (Pronounced “Chee-Gung”), which literally translates as “Energy Exercise” or “Breath Exercise”. The terms Qi (Chi) can be identified as Vital Life Force from which the entire universe and human entity are comprised, while Gong (Gung or Kung) can be identified as skill, ability or exercise.

As the foundation of Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Acupuncture, Qigong is the essence of the divine integration of the Heavens (Tian), Earth (Di) and Humanity (Ren). By blending and harmonizing the subtle energies of Yin (Earth) and Yang (Heavens) within the mortal body one can tap into the inner peace and gentle strength that the Taoist and Buddhist teachings are attributed to and inspired by. These simple but effective movements were shown to reduce stress and disease and increase strength and immunity while fortifying the entire biological system within the human design. In ancient times and even today, practitioners of Qigong can find tranquility amidst chaotic surroundings, as well as increasing quality and longevity of life while enhancing the ways one sees their own self and thoughts.

With thousands of styles of Qigong developing worldwide, it’s very hard to say exactly where and how they originated. We do know however that these techniques were only accessible to Emperors, high-ranking officials, and the wealthy elite. It’s no surprise that these techniques were mastered by Abbots, Monks and Warrior Disciples from the Shaolin Temple and still to this day those teachings are all only passed down through the ages by oral or verbal transmission. Thus its no surprise as to why these disciplined and innovative martial artists were hired to protect and teach those who would one day try to destroy the source from which they channeled their inner peace and power.

All Tai Chi and Kung Fu forms are based on Qigong principles and have a deep sense of inner peace, proper body alignment, focused breath and intention along with bio-mechanically simple and intricate movements. Qigong systems can be Martial or Healing based and some utilize both aspects while increasing the resistance to stress, illness, and disease. Masters of the old were required to understand the Martial application while being able to manifest Healing energies to aid themselves and those close to them.

Millions of people worldwide practice Qigong as a form of Healthcare and you can see thousands of people in China practicing daily in parks, cities, and temples. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that all cancer, illness and disease can be linked to blockages or stagnant Qi/Chi somewhere within the body’s many Meridians/Channels linking the organs, nerves, bones, muscles, connective tissues and all subtle energies that cannot be seen, identified or explained by modern science. Even though Qi/Chi cannot be seen it can be felt and measured by the sensations of heat, magnetism and electrical current.

In the following articles, we will begin to explore more deeply Qigong, basic techniques, principles and it’s amazing benefits for health, strength, and longevity.

Thank you for your time to read The Dragon Tao Chronicles.

- Brian Seraiah Wood

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