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SERAIAH -  Stay tuned for original music and remixes Coming this out this summer! After years spent in the studio learning about ableton and the infinite ways to write music, seraiah has found the methods to create music which is an expression of his heart and soul. Just like the "Tao", his production styles break genre barriers and are hard to classify. He believes his dj sets and production should reflect the constant ebb and flow of life, where the only thing that is constant is change. He is excited to start releasing music on his indie label TBA!  With the initial focus Being on the Party Vibe sound of: breaks, drum and bass, house, bass and many unique remixes!    


Dragon Tao is a new audio project created by Seraiah and is focused on music with more of an intentional, spiritual and psychadelic approach. Blurring the lines of genres, the music will reflect the essence of the Tao where the Yin and Yang, the Dark and Light blend harmoniously in integral Oneness.  Inspired by the sound of Desert Dwellers, Tipper, Kalya Scintilla and Tribone to name a few, Dragon Tao Music is designed to connect to the deeper you and raise the vibration of human consciousness in the process. 


Seraiah is an international performing artist whose DJ sets are authentic, innovative and push the limits of genre-blending. His audio soundscapes will take you through “a roller coaster ride through the emotions.” it all started in a Denver warehouse in 1995...the introduction to the underground music scene and a deep love for the art of DJing. Seraiah got his first turntables and mixer in 1996 and started playing shows that year. In 2000, He found a new passion for the turntables art of scratching and adds intelligent scratch effects within his DJ sets. 24 years later his love for music, dance and self-expression continue. Since his “Welcome Home” initiation to the  Burning Man in 2012, he has changed his focus and direction in life by tapping into more sophisticated and spiritually awakened music genres that bridge raising consciousness and dance flow. As a dedicated Burner, he is an integral member of the Colorado Regional Burn scene.  As a resident DJ for Rhythm Sanctuary, he has been blessed to share unique soundscapes at one of the largest and longest-running Ecstatic Weekly Dance events in the United States.  He is honored to have a residency at Temple Denver (LVL - Minus art gallery)! He is available for Club, Festivals, Corporate Events, Weddings, Graduations, and Private Events.  For Booking Info click contact.  Much love 


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