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Qigong for Health & Longevity

DRAGON TAO BLOGS are articles and exploratory writings delving into ancient Eastern systems and techniques that are unique to mind, body and soul practices such as Chinese Qigong, Thai Fon Jeung, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Yoga, and Meditation. With articles being both educational and instructional the reader will gain insight into these systems and themselves through personal practice.

As a Pro MMA fighter and professional trainer, most of my time is spent in preparation and maintenance of my own physical body as well as those I teach. Last year I was approved through Workers Comp as Pain and Rehab Specialist focusing on Eastern Healing Modalities. As a Qigong and Yoga practitioner, I have been my best test subject concerning injuries and the painful rehabilitation sometimes involved. Understanding the benefits of Western medicine when it comes to acute and life-threatening issues, I find it all too common that the prescriptions are usually pharmaceuticals and physical therapy designed to slowly heal and milk the twisted system of insurance payment programs. Often people come to me and find quick results and steadfast self-motivation to heal themselves after wasting valuable time with lazy or uneducated therapists.

In many Eastern cultures, the Doctor won't get compensated unless the patient is healed and healthy...imagine that in the American Culture? During my time in China, I met many masters and saw things that were normally impossible due to my conditioned belief system. It was mind-blowing and the revelations conveyed to and through me were life-changing. Examples of such experiences were how through Qigong, intention, acupuncture, herbs, and meditation 86% of paraplegics got up and walked out of Master Wan Su Jian's Beijing Traditional Medical Qigong Exchange Center. Additionally, Master Duan JuLian had a baby at 101 years old, he is now 104 and still spars with his young students in Kung Fu.

I began my spiritual journey in 2001 when I was introduced to Yoga in Portland, Oregon, by my good friend and Instructor, Stephen Brown. I quickly realized that regardless of my raw athletic ability I had limited core strength, focus, and balance. I then began studying Chinese Qigong in 2003 inspired by Gaiam's DVD Series featuring my current Qigong teachers, Daisy Lee ( and Francesco Garripoli ( Years later in 2008, I was blessed to travel to China with them and experience first hand the amazing ancient energy of Qigong from its homeland. The focus of the trip is to learn and study Medical Qigong techniques to heal the mind, body, and soul.

Going from America to living and breathing the essence of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine was overwhelming and inspiring at the same time. I learned that where the mind goes the Qi (Chi or vital life force) follows and that through intention and focus one can transmit and send energy to affected areas as well as pull stagnant or sick energy from the body and organs. It's been scientifically proven that almost all disease, cancer and illness comes from stress. So it makes complete sense to me that by changing one's mental intention, the direction of thought and negative habits one can heal themselves and those they love. These same techniques can be used on severe injuries and trauma by gathering Qi or energy from the elements, loving intention, desire for change and emanating such Qi from the Loagong points found in the middle of the palms. Reiki and other energy-based systems use the same design to heal patients.

The most important thing to remember and know is that WE are not the healers but the divine energies moving through us like a channel or conduit are. I have experienced first hand the effects of being too empathetic to patients and taking on their injuries as they start to feel better as well as heard stories from my teachers about how they too have become sick or ill trying to heal others using their own personal Qi and not letting the universal flow through them and into the patient.

The main focus of Qigong is to improve the immune system by stretching, opening and strengthening the acupuncture meridian lines that run endlessly throughout the body. The Chinese believe that all illnesses and injuries are due to blocked, stagnant or trauma-induced chi deficiencies. When one practices these ancient techniques one can begin to immediately feel a difference by increased energy levels and feel-good endorphins thus opening channels and moving the chi through with better efficiency. In future articles, I will explain such techniques and how this universal energy can be utilized to heal oneself and others.

Blessings and Respect.

Thank You for Taking the Time to Read the Dragon Tao Chronicles.

- Brian Seraiah Wood


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