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Co-Creating Reality with Thought

DRAGON TAO BLOGS are articles and exploratory writings delving into ancient Eastern systems and techniques that are unique to mind, body and soul practices such as Chinese Qigong, Thai Fon Jeung, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Yoga, and Meditation. With articles being both educational and instructional the reader will gain insight into these systems and themselves through personal practice.

Quantum theory and intentional thought projection have been scientifically proven and lead humanity into a continuously unfolding gateway to the galaxy. Japan's, Doctor Masaru Emoto, studied how thoughts can alter the molecular makeup of distilled water and thus physically morph into unique sacred geometry crystalline shapes. The transformation of shape can be from both loving and hateful thoughts or intentions, and as we look at others and ourselves we become both conduits to project as well as receive such wave-spell energies.

The conditioned mind must free itself from the bondage and confines of limitations and release thoughts of control and expectations. The heaviness of emotional memories can be laid upon the floor of awareness and as we accept in gratitude and appreciation we begin the change the tides of tribulations. The true test in understanding life is to know and love oneself while setting intentions and focus on a whole new symbiotic relationship with synchronicity. When we have achieved this transformation into the higher vibration we can see life with new eyes, hear with new aural tuning and feel with heightened intuition.

Embrace your divine self and know that you do matter. For just as the universe is nothing but energy, vibration, and frequency, we too are one consciousness. Let's work daily on self to better mankind and assist in the acceleration process by being awake and participate in the continual flow of life and creation. We Co-Create together and a new vision of ourselves and thus, our family, our community, our country and our world.

The creation stops not at Earth's atmospheric boundaries but magnifies exponentially into the vastness of space as well as bouncing off the energetic Seventh Chakra of the Earth, called the Noosphere, which according to brilliant minds of the past like Vladimir Vernadsky (1936) and Teilhard de Chardin (1922), who denotes the Noosphere as the "sphere of human thought" in which we can directly connect and affect at all times.

- Brian Seraiah Wood#bloggingtips

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